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To blog or not to blog...

To blog or not to blog...


Through the years I started several blogs, but always found it hard to post at a regular basis. The first weeks no problems at all, but through time I lost focus and posted less and less until I forgot about the blog entirely.

Somehow I always felt I didn’t have enough interesting topics to share with the world. For me the two important things in my life are beading and gardening, I’ve had blogs on both subjects from a hobby perspective. But I also lost the need to share what I experienced on both as well.

At this point beading still is my biggest hobby, but I’ve been able to find a way to make money with it and now it is my fulltime job. Ever since the moment I took the step to turn my designs into beading patterns that I could sell through the internet, everything changed.

31003_56The first pattern I made was for a round Tila bead necklace, called 'To The Point'. I listed it in June 2013 and I was so excited when the first copies were sold and the first positive reviews came in! From that point I got more serious about designing and making patterns. More and more beaders around the world got to know my work and patterns, and the group of customers kept on growing, and it is growing still.

I never thought I could make a living out of it, but the beading community is larger then I anticipated. When I first started posting pictures of my work on social media, I got so many requests for patterns it got me thinking if there was a possibility to turn my hobby into a serious job. At this point I can say it worked out pretty well!

Kitty CatBlingy the BatTrue Romance

After a few very succesful designs, like 'Kitty Cat', 'Blingy the Bat' and 'True Romance' and publications in several magazines and blogs I think I can say I'm a known designer now with a wonderful group of followers and customers that keep me inspired.

So, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to start blogging again. I mean, social media is great to show your work but if you want to add something more or tell a story it might be nice to put it in a blog post. Let me know how you feel about that.
Comments: 3

Comments: 3

Beate Blume |
RE: To blog or not to blog...
Hallo Sandra,
ich finde es eine gute Idee einen Blog zu starten.
Auf Facebook oder anderen Plattformen verschwinden Beiträge irgendwann oder man findet sie nicht wieder. Auf Blogs oder in einem Forum kann man das immer wieder nachlesen. ( Darum habe ich vor ca 7 Monaten auch ein Forum eröffnet)
Man kann Geschichten erzählen oder die Gedanken von der Idee bis zur fertigen Anleitung festhalten, was inspiriert einen usw.

Ich würde deinen Blog auf jeden Fall lesen.
Sorry das ich in Deutsch schreibe, mein Englisch ist zu sehr eingerostet.

Liebe Grüße
Heike Bradford |
RE: To blog or not to blog...
As Beate said you loose a thread on facebook so quickly but with a Blog its always there to revert back to time and time again. I follow a Blog from a papercrafter and have done for the last 10 years. The site is called Amazing Paper Grace by a lady called Becca Feeken. My first contact came in 2010 when I was researching Copic Marker and how to color with them. Her site came up and I thought WOW. She had all the answers to my questions before I even asked the question and my daily Amazing Grace popup into my email became an obsession We have gone thru her children growing up and going to Uni to the passing away of her husband and she is still going strong today. She has over 690 pages of Inspiration and no she doesnt post every day either maybe only 3 times a week. If you do go and look at her Blog start at her very first steps as a blogger and then scoot over to her latest pages and you will see a very different trend and growth. Still the same but just more mature and adventurous. I hope this insight helps you in anyway shape or form.
Good Luck
Justin Smith |
RE: To blog or not to blog...
It's usually a good idea to stop blogging if your blog is going to really disrupt your life. It's time to carefully assess the significance of your blog if maintaining it is giving you significant troubles in your life.
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