About me

Portret1Designer Sandra Scholte


I've always been fascinated by beads and shiny things, since I was a little girl. I was stringing beads and trying new things all the time, and I tried many different beadingtrends through the years. Small beads, big beads, of all shapes, sizes and materials, and I learned many techniques.


But somehow I always ended up beadweaving with seedbeads again, so that's what I specialized in by learning all kinds of stringing techniques and combining them into the kind of jewelry I'm making today.




About me


I live in the north of The Netherlands in a small village not too far from the city of Groningen, together with my boyfriend in the countryside, looking out on beautiful nature reservations. Here I find the peace and inspiration for creating my jewelry, although it's a tough choice sometimes when the weather is good and I want to work in the garden. Gardening is a big hobby , and we have quite a large garden for me to enjoy.


I'm being creative whenever I can; I work as a grafic design, webdesigner and signmaker. And through the years I've done all kinds of creative courses, like photography, goldsmithing, interior decorating and garden design. So I'm always occupied with colorschemes and compositions, and that's what I love to do the most: to design and create beautiful things.